Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hartz at Christmas

Liam Pauline & Fran

I didn't make our traditional Boxing day lunch but did make it the next day! Fran had been down at Aireys since Tuesday and had Christmas there. The kids went surfing ,and surfing from what I gathered!
Michelle wasn't there as she had a job to get back to, and Liam was late having got caught in traffic from Lara but eventually we got together. Michael was there with Annemarie and they were heading back to take the last of the stuff from the Bungalow.
Pauline has recently won a regional show jumping event and will now compete in the State wide competition in Sale in February.
Liam also won his division and is booked up a year in advance to give riding assessment and lessons. He has a knack of seeing just what a rider is doing and needs to correct, he also takes and trains horses and is in demand for this as well. As well he is a carpenter's apprentice and as such is going to build a low deck on the back at Aireys.
I had a lovely gift of the new Stephanie Alexander cookbook from Annemarie & Michael, for having them at Footscray all year.They are off to adventure camps with schools till June then to Asia on holidays.
Annemarie & Michael

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