Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Eve

Events on new Years Eve can be a frightening thing. The photo shows how bad things may get! However my alarm was just that I realized as I moved back from setting my camera that the wait was only 2 seconds and I was not in place yet.
The second photo is a bit better but we had not stopped laughing before it went off. Gerry and I spent a few days together with her new puppy and Spencer and Sponty.
We had watched a TV show called Best in Australia a cooking show and the episode was for lamb. We had some Lamb back straps in the fridge and lo and behold, except for the cardamon pod we had all the garnishes for the lamb seasoning So had a delicious meal of Moroccan lamb with herbed pistachio crust. Not bad a for a holiday house pantry!
Gerry also suggested I find the multiple shot mode of my camera for dogs and children.
I had it still set when took pic of the parrot (Rosella) A waste, as he just sat there!!

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