Thursday, January 21, 2010

Step one

My run of luck with reliable workmen ended today with the fireplace installers arriving 2 hours late! They came at 1030 and I was expected at work at 9am. I rang several times but only got a return call (went to message bank) at about 10mins before they arrived. And they haven't finished.
Though as you can see the first one is in. I haven't turned it on to show the logs, as not sure it is connected and it's 28degrees! Admire the stripped bricks as well
The dining room one is not done so they have to come back. Not sure when.

But.. they have done the hearth and and removed the wall furnace. The hearth is a great improvement on the broken concrete that was the previous style!
I will get the plasterer back to finish off that and the cornice.
My final step will be to get a hard rubbish collection from the council and take the stuff in the bungalow as well.Carefully leaving Celia's treasures!

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