Sunday, February 7, 2010

masters and Fences

I was thrilled to open a letter from Melbourne Uni on Thursday (I admit when I saw it I muttered "what do they want now!") Turned out to be announcement that I have passed my Masters in Health Sciences (Parent & Infant mental Health) and can attend a Graduation in March. It has been a long saga and I had all but forgotten about it!!
I have also spent today in hot labour trimming any overhang of foliage from the fence line for my neighbour. I have decided she suffers from Triffidaphobia. A morbid fear of plants!
Where I have to trim she does not walk or even approach. It seems to be the encroachment that she doesn't like. I hope she doesn't want me to take the high stuff
There are a lot of branches at the front as well where I had to trim the Lilac and the Mock Orange, so will get someone in to take it away.
Saturday was the Top of the Bay Regatta at Port Melbourne and in true Top style it blew a gale.
I wisely decided not to even try, so enjoyed a day of watching and treating injuries fortunately all trivial.
Next week I am sailing with Bernard in the Club Championships. Amber is pregnant and suddenly very big so can't manage any longer. He could sail with anyone but he likes to win and he sees us as a winning team! It's 2 races Saturday and 3 on Sunday. I will be knackered Sunday night!! And Monday!

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