Monday, January 13, 2014

Flying Ants

The week I got back form Santa Fe we sponsored the Flying Ant Regatta at Port Melbourne Yacht Club. These are a small dinghy sailed by young people usually 8-15yr olds. They have 2 crew with a spinnaker and a Trapeze.
Celia pointed out the blot on the lens But not before next 6 pics!
The weather was definitely not friendly the first 3 days but after that they managed to get a regatta of 9 races completed. While the weather started windy ++ it ended up HOT so a typical Melbourne week.
Then had to wait for the wind to come in!
The tables set for the Spit Roast Presentation Dinner
There were Prizes and awards for almost everyone!
One of the table mats that proved a great Hit

It was a week of hard work for the canteen staff Hayley and Thea
The organizing  drive was from the Hunt family whose kids had been some of the early Port Tackers at PMYC  All 3 children, now living in Perth are sailing.
Christine Hunt

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