Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Wedding and King Island

What a great few days Celia and I had as we went to previously unvisited King Island, for the wedding of her god daughter Annemarie Hartz to Michael Francis.
The added bonus was we missed all Melbourne's days of 40+
We made our bookings back in July when the Invitation came and Celia was home to plan. We flew with Rex airline from Tulla but people came many ways by air. Over 90 people flew in from the mainland and when the friendly King Island residents asked 'are you on holiday' they all said 'Oh the teachers' Wedding!" Annemarie and Michael work on King Island at the campus in Grassy.
Chairs set up on the beach and an Aisle marked in stones and flowers on poles
Annemarie and Michael did all the planning and preparation as there are no caterers on the island except a woman who does salads. Michael caught all the crays we had (rationed amount caught each day!) and they roasted pork and lamb in fire pits
They had a lot of help but planned everything to the last detail.
The wedding was on the beach at the back of a rental house one of two fabulous adjacent properties ( that housed the families, with some campers in between. The owner had agreed to the use, as long as the 130 guests did not roam into the house! So it was all set up outside on the spacious grass area and was a fabulous, casual, happy, fun event.
Some of the wedding guests
A catch up for Celia with some long time friends from Teaching and studying days. Great Fun!
The Groom  Michael with his 2 brothers Tim and Matt
Annemarie's Family Pauline, Grant (Tara's fiance) Tara, the wedding couple, Fran,
Meagan (girlfriend of) Liam & Michelle, and Blue the dog.
Tara (Annemarie's twin) was one bridesmaid 
Cutting the cake
Signing the register
My god daughters Pauline, Michelle and their brother Liam's girlfriend Meagan 
Resting on covered hay bales or at the tables set up.

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Thang said...

Hi Michele,
How are you?
Its been a long time I have not heard from you.
All of a sudden I could get access t my blog today and see the link of your blog.
Nice to hear that Annmarie got married to Micheal. Please say hello to them for me and send them my best wishes.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thang, from Vietnam:

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