Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Lunch

As usual Andrew and Lynne provided a superb meal opting for seafood much to our delight.
Andrew did dessert again this time a meringue Cherry creation The fresh cherries are superb at the moment.
The tree
Bridie keeping an eye out as Dylan starts to explore 
A big teddy 
The thrill of presents

Lynne and Nick

Cars !!
Nick & Kate perched nearby
The delicious Meal
 Lobster and BBQ prawns and salads
He had Nick's plate with Postman Pat, and enjoyed the unaccustomed music of cutlery on china
Beer ,water, Sauce  All one needs?
The Cherry Meringue


Celia said...

Was the bear for Dylan?

Did you take my gifts for him? I totally forgot to mention them to you.

Mary said...

Love the picture with sauce on his face! Soooo cute, adorable!

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