Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

The day broke cloudy but with promise of sun and 21degrees.
I started the day with my (our) traditional breakfast of French toast. This time with yoghurt and fresh fruit, and fresh coffee.
Sent a text to Celia who them rang me realising I was awake. We had a chat as she wa s starting to prepare her Xmas Eve dinner.
I was admiring the gift I received form Bridie, a boon once I am back at work!
Perfect for one who packs lunch every day!
A distinctive Luggage label for the traveller 
I am off to Andrew's for tea and staying the night as the drive there and back is beyond me at the moment.
I am dropping Spencer off in Richmond on the way, as Wendy will look after him. They (she and Sue) are off to the Boxing day Test tomorrow so I can collect him later in the day.
I rested in the morning and had a delicious tuna avocado salad for lunch with fresh peaches ! Yum No wine though!

Andrew et-al had arrived back from Xmas lunch and were all napping when I arrived Lynne had worked Xmas eve so need some catch up sleep for sure.
We chatted for a while then exchanged presents when Lynne got up, then lay in hammocks or by the pool reading or chatting as the mood took us. I gave  kate the Australian wildflower quilt that Maddy had received for her 80th birthday and wanted her to have.
We had a rolled turkey roast for dinner and pudding and custard, (the latter two, things I dislike about Xmas !) Andrew being the enthusiast for the custard, saying he could never make it as it took too long stirring and stirring; so Lynne made some packet and as long as there are no lumps no-one complains. 
Kate and Andrew in the pool in the glow of the lights 
View out to the water 
The house lights 
After dinner we had a spa /swim and watched boats coming by to check out the lights. A big deal on this section of the river.
Andrew had done a tasteful display of blue and white with a Santa at the gate and strips of red and green on the steps. Houses nearby had gone all the way!!

Boxing Day we got up late lazed around, Skyped Celia had BBQ prawns and Turkey sandwiches (not together)  for lunch, watched some cricket, Sydney to Hobart, then I drove back and collected Spencer en route.
A very nice quiet Christmas.  

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Celia said...

Looks and sounds like a delightful day. You said others had gone over the top with lights but failed to mention the over the top pool lighting Andrew has which could only enhance their Christmas lights:)

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