Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sailor Boys

I went down to the Club for a short while today as it is the first day of the Hobie National Championships (Catamarans) that PMYC is hosting and Andrew & Nick are sailing together.

It was a mild day and the breeze picked up more as the afternoon started. They were racing with the Hobie 16s in the afternoon so were just getting rigged and dressed when I arrived. 

Hobies' sails make for a colourful sight 
 It is usually hard to get Nick to stand still for  a photo, but maybe he thought he was in disguise?
Andrew & Nick all geared up 
Pulling the boat into the water

Heading out 
I went upstairs to see them head out, then next thing they were coming back to shore. I went down to investigate and found Andrew was fitting the bungs in, and Nick was signing on!!!
Then they were off!
Andrew being 50 is sailing in the Masters group, Nick raised the question that if he (Nick)  helmed was Andrew sailing in the Juniors??

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Celia said...

Looks like they were having a grand time despite the late signing on and the bung-less start!

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