Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fun in the pool

Today I went down to Andrew and Lynne's for Xmas lunch with Bridie and Sean and Dylan as we would not see them on Christmas day.
To conserve my energy I drove to Bridie's and went down with them.  20 minute drive vs 50mins.
Took lots of photos that seem to feature Dylan predominantly.
It was 38 degrees and the water was inviting so we had a lovely dip after lunch 
Initially he wanted to go outside, but did not want to go in the pool.
Sean in paper crown Dylan just splashing
Then he wanted to just sit on the edge, not go in.
Getting the hat wet
He slipped down the step and got wet 

Then when he was wet Bridie changed him

Then he enjoyed being in with Sean and the rest of us, but what he really liked was walking and crawling along the edge.

Even hot enough to get me in!

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