Thursday, December 20, 2012

Japan Planning

While idling on my bed, trying to get energy to do something I had a flash about Japan and plans to take nephew Nick there next year; a reward from his dad for good Japanese study.

The Flash was about Golden Week in Japan, a period sort of like Easter running in to Anzac day so holidays in between mean people can get away. Golden week is a don't even think of it time to travel or find accommodation.
We are leaving Oz on Good Friday March 29th 2013 and Golden Week is in April and some hotels I looked at (a favourite in Tokyo eg) are booked out.

So I did a check and it is later in April (as I sort of hopefully thought) but the busy period and festivals starts on 12th, but we are leaving on the 9th April.  
So am planning our trip, given that Nick has not been there at all and we are there for 10 days 
so the plan is 
Tokyo, day trip to Nikko, Nagoya, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima then back to Tokyo.

Looking up some travel stuff and saw this great picture,  not as crowded as some I have been in! 
But multi direction crossing is such a safe design and of course well obeyed in Japan!!

Shibuya crossing Facing the crowd on their mark!

Golden week consists of 

So they have the days off in between and end up with a whole week off.  A luxury in hard working Japan

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