Sento. Japanese Bath House

Re-reading my blog in Japan to check out the name of a place, made me think about having a Japanese Bath and Shiatsu massage. Didn't have to tire myself by showering etc before I left so I booked it for 3pm.
Bath house entrance
I was pleased to see, when I arrived that I was the only woman there! Some other girls arrived as I was getting dressed for the massage so did not have to flaunt my middle aged body beside their nubile forms!
The bath was great! I didn't let myself get too hot, so had 3 dips and was suitably relaxed for the massage 
She said she would work on my Meridians (always a good thing!) and not do too deep a pressure as that may be too tiring since I was already fairly wiped out,
The inviting tub!
I felt quite enervated when she finished and relaxed.
When I finished she commented that I had unusual palms, I though she meant life lines etc but realised she was referring to my Dupuytren's Contracture that I notice has increased a lot this year, though on a grand scale still slow and not contracted as such, just tight. 

I have seen Bill Nighy in 2 movies this year and always check his hands out of habit; Don't know if someone told me or I noticed he has it too, last two fingers permanently bent in