Sunday, December 16, 2012

PMYC Christmas Party

Santa and his throng of fans were the highlight of the end of season get together. In typical fashion we had  few replies but my guesstimate of 60 (33 booked) proved good with 58 people staying on.
The list of 6 children coming swelled to 18 so Santa had enough to do.
Didn't think of it till after to ask Bridie if she wanted to bring Dylan, but I am sure he will get enough!

The evening was  a great success as usual, and a member Fahim does a great job of decorating the place for us . I had rested up in the morning and only went down about 330. But even a bit of fussing around and going up and down the stairs had me short of breath and at one stage people saying I was very pale. (though looked better after sitting down for the meal)
News of my illness has spread so people are coming out of the woodwork to offer to help with the Hobie Nationals to be held Dec 28- Jan 3rd. So that is a relief!
Cliff,  Steve and Shane (who bought my Three's Company) sailed our boat Good Golly Miss Jolly  to a 2nd place passing 3rd just at the mark!
Santa heading off for his sleigh 

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