Saturday, March 14, 2009

I had some days of lovely long walks to work , with time to wind down from some very stressful days. The absolutely still water of the Creek made a great reflection, and I had a laugh when I saw this graffiti in the concrete!!
I had returned to work after the long weekend to find the emergency Paediatricians had booked in 3 cases for me to 'sort out' as they had come on Friday and they then realised I was a not there. That was on top of a fairly heavily booked schedule. It was funny because yesterday they apologised for how much work they were throwing at me this week!! They were just as busy though, but there are 3 of them! Sadly one of the babies died. She was 7 months and suddenly collapsed and arrested at home. She was found to have a very rare disease (10 in the world) and while she seemed to be responding she went into heart failure and died on Thursday morning. She was a real sweetie so everyone was very distressed for her parents.

I had some great days with good changes in two cases. One of a baby who would cry if not in mums arms (10 months) but over the last 4 weeks has become much better,with my therapy and intervention! now actually letting her father in and he is thrilled. He looked after her all day Sat when mum was in the bridal party of a wedding. The other was a boy who was not eating and I had seen him for 6months then Kerry took over He came back to see me on Friday and he has his NG tube out and while still a terrible fussy eater, is thriving and doing well. Mum wanted to take a picture of him with me at the table with the toy food ,as she says this has been a huge part of his life and should be in his childhood pictures!
With some rain and a bit of nurturing the Cecil Brunner Rose has finally come into its glory.This was from Celia when she left for the USA but it has not done well in the garden so I replanted it before I went to Japan and put in a pot and told Michael he MUST water it. It has lots of bracts of flowers at present.
When I went to the concert at Albert Park Yacht Club last night I turned off Clarendon Street and into the Lake area and turned left ---onto the Grand Prix race Track!!

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Celia said...

Go racer go!
Hope you stayed in the speed limit or did you get carried away with the thought of being the Grand Prix winner!

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