Saturday, March 7, 2009

Streets & Lanes

On a tour of the sites of Women’s Suffrage in Melbourne I came across some of the graffiti are as of the Lanes in Melbourne. I gather people have it on their list of walking tours of Melbourne! The first photo is of the site of the first Public toilet for women in the City; this is now the site of this piece of Art that has been there for a while; outside the Russell Cinemas.
The decorated light pole is by a woman Melbourne Artist, can’t remember her name but she did the Art pieces that used to be in the Gallery Fountain. Is it enough to acknowledge her work or is it a bit pathetic to not know her name?

The graffiti walls were down tiny little lanes, the garbage bins in front of some took away some of the appeal. There was an article in the Age last week talking about the state of rubbish in the Lanes and Alleys a lot of which is dumped.

The last picture is not really spectacular but I love the building, and wonder what scope there could be in renovating it?


Bridie said...

Great Pics!

I'm thinking her name is something starting with D, like Debra or something? Is it the same person as the mosaic thing in Bear Brass at Southgate?

B xx

Michele said...

That's her Deborah Halpern! The Bear Brass piece was in the moat at the National gallery before the renovation.

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