Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gen Med Lunch

There are probably not too many departments at the Hospital who would drive for 2 hours to have lunch, just for a summer get together! But 51 people did. These were the paediatricians from the Department of General Medicine, Geelong Hospital paediatricians (ex RCH) myself, and these staff''s partners and children. And what a spot to have it!!
We met at Mike's house on 20 acres just out of Lorne. There is the George River running through the property, which he had bought it 16 years ago but built 5-6 ago. The house is lovely as you can see, with views out over the valley. The hills at the back are part of the Otways State Forests so no-one building to block your view. When you drive in off the Highway you come through 2 gates and then around a bend is the house, not visible from the road. The walk to the beach (on the highway is only 8-10 minutes) and they have the river as well!
The lunch was a challenge, well met by the very organised Mike. He (and his wife!) had hired tables, set up running all along the veranda and people brought narrow folding chairs that all fitted very well. We had salads, cold meat platters, quiches, beef and chicken, bread and dukkah, as well as desserts, wine, beer and Sangria complements of the med dept and guests bringing dessert and $10.
There were about 20 kids who were in heaven. The billiard table looked like it was going to be annihilated so it was turned over and there is a shuffle board sort of game on the other side. There was a Koala, horses, tree House, a barn to explore, paths to climb and a Flying fox!!
I caught up with lots of people I had not seen for a while (not just because I was in Japan,) including Cathie Nolan. There were quite a few of the Paeds who have houses in Aireys Inlet and we compared notes on who we knew!
We had lunch from 12 till about 4.30pm The I drove back to Footscray by 7pm.
Well worth the drive.

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