Sunday, April 5, 2015

Planning the Courtyard

Our outdoor living space is great Just a slide of the door and there is a sheltered sunny chair to eat, rest and read.
Bu I want to add some atmosphere as well as herbs and plants.
It was a bit sparse to start
So I want to make the garden strip a flower bed, and utilise small garden beds for veges and herbs as well as a Trixee Fruit tree in a pot.
So I have been rearranging the pots and raised beds to see where I get the most sun.
The yard is facing North  so the sunniest spot is where the table is against the house! And under the clothes line. So I have moved 2 herb pits (a rosemary and a sage) to that bit of decking.
The sunniest spots however are under cover so will not get rain. 

The stones I have raked off, will be the base for a succulent area but may have to rethink where, as that is the sunny spot.
Moving the garden bed around BEFORE I fill it with soil!
A shoe rack starting a vertical herb bed
The tall thing in the pot is the Tree dahlia cutting from Footscray
Not decided on a final home yet.
Maybe use the tank when it rains for the other areas. I cut off a small piece of hose to use from the tank tap, as it has no pressure and couldn't get through the 10mts of hose.
Haven't worked out how to camoflage the tanks. Any screen available will need to be fixed in concrete Beyond my skills!!

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