Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tea Cosies

I had seen an item about Loani Priors exhibition in Brisbane last year, and her workshops, but she was not in Melbourne. But last week saw a notice of an exhibition at Royal Historical Society of Victoria so popped in. Cnr of A'Beckett St opposite Flagstaff Gardens

What a treat!
Loani Priors says.“I knit from home, in my comfortable knitting chair, dreaming up little woolly objets d’art to adorn the humble teapot.  Tea Cosies.  I knit them, pattern them and give them a funny name.  When I am done, they are photographed like haute couture and published in a book.”
The front one is "that Hat!" The back is "all form and no function"
Some of the fun of the exhibits was the names.
Russian Caravan
Carmen Miranda
Beatrice  (princess B's wedding hat)
On the back shelf next to the daffodil is a plain white teapot.
The title is "The Emperor's New Clothes"

Decided to try one 
Picture pending!

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