Friday, April 3, 2015

Paisley Challis Wetland

In my plan to explore our new area  I decided to explore the area off Kororoit Creek Road, fro m where you can see the sea,
Found it is the Paisley Challis Wetland.

From the late nineteenth century, the grassed area adjacent to the wetlands was used as rifle range and military encampment, but was long envisioned as a valuable asset for housing development, a vision realised in the late 1980s after the Commonwealth sold the land to the State of Victoria.Because the activities at the rifle range had ‘protected’ the area for over a century, the wetlands were in essentially pre-European settlement condition. Open grasslands where Western Plains indigenous grasses and flora survived, salt marshes and intertidal mudflats that provide an important habitat for migratory birds still existed.
 The adjacent Rifle Range Housing looks over the wetlands and the sea.
It was a cooler windy day so I was buffeted by the wind as I head off, Spencer straining at the leash! Dogs on leash are allowed in some areas, but not others he would certainly be after them if not under control.

View back to Altona Refinery
Sitting on the railing. A Crane 

A bird Hide 

View to the housing 

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