Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Saturday Meeting

We had a great Infant Mental Health Meeting launching the 4th edition of The Baby as Subject  Clinical Studies in Infant Parent Psychotherapy
Anne Morgan, Joanna Murray SMith
As well as my entries there are some newer entries and we had some readings from the book including brilliant Melbourne playwright Joanna Murray-Smith's, brilliant The Spare Room; A father confront his fatherhood.
The Actor who performed the Monologue
To my embarrassment I can't remember his name!!
Teresa Russo is our current President and a parent of a past student of Celia's. As we sat there I was greeted by a vaguely familiar face  and when told her name placed her as another parent! who is also the sister of a woman that Wendy and I met when we were in Istanbul.

So I took a photo and then 2 more arrived !! So I sent some pics to Celia and they all said Hi Celia!
Anne Morgan was there. Looking as elegant as an 80+ yr old great woman can, what a role model!

Campbell chaired the session, and altogether a great success 
We were in the Gryphon gallery at the 1888 Building at University of Melbourne, that Maddy had said was where she went to Teachers College 

188 building on Grattan Street 
The Gryphon gallery. War memorial window 
Looking down stairs to the front door 

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