Sunday, April 6, 2014


I have been regularly attending the music nights at Albert Park Yacht Club organised by Cliff Ellery. A couple of weeks ago we went to hear a fabulous Irish singer Eleanor McEvoy, a great evening.

He mentioned this other show UHAH, Unsung Heroes of Australian History which sounded interesting and at the last minute we booked to go (as did 90% of the audience.  6 bookings on Tuesday 60+ on Friday)
Moira Tyers Singer Songwriter.
The band setting up. Wendy Ealey, Bruce Watson and Moira
With exquisite attention to their craft, Moira Tyers and her players tune in to Australian History, rescuing some long-forgotten stories from obscurity, and breathing new life into other more familiar iconic tales. Gutsy, political, refractory and lyrical, Unsung Heroes is sure to be enjoyed by a new generation of music lovers who want to see meat on the bones of the past. These songs drip with the satisfying juices of solid research, spirited lyrics and sublime artistry. A musical and historical feast!" 
The songs followed a history timeline with the songs illustration the times,  1st landing, Eureka Stockade, The great war,  The depression etc. based on real characters.
With the questions
Why would anyone go round with a bit of chalk in their pocket?
ยช Who was Australia's first professional female jockey?
• What was Henry Lawson’s mum like?
• Wasn't that a weird time for a sewing bee?
All fascinating with a preliminary narration about the song and a slide show. Some funny, some sad or very moving.
I gather they offer it in schools and Clubs etc 
A truly interesting and well performed evening 


Celia said...

It looks like Moira is sitting in our backyard :)

Michele said...

definitely fro Melbourne I think!

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