Friday, April 11, 2014


An interesting experience of the yacht club has been my exposure to 3 amazingly talented artists, Rosemary, Di and Phillipa.
All have been part of designing the decor for the Yacht Club Annual Dinners, but more recently I came to hear of WOW The world of Wearable Art Competition held in Wellington New Zealand.
Phillipa has been a finalist in the last 3 years  and I had the chance to go and have a sneak preview of her latest entry before it goes off to NZ for judging. No pictures are allowed or description before the event so you will have to wait BUT it was fantastic!
This year I hope to go but will have to see.
The daily show
WOW is a two hour show held annually in September in Wellington, New Zealand to an audience of 50000 over a twelve show season and is a huge tourist event for Wellington. Entries come from all over the world and the challenge is to design something a model can wear, that can be packed and reconstructed on site. You say what sort of model you want and they have them there for you. I imagine it is a popular gig!
The first of Phillipa's entries that I saw is in the  WOW & Classic Cars Museum in Nelson.
It is a 5 day extravaganza with shows every day and you can see all the designs, but as well I gather they are  exhibited, so you have a chance for a closer view. There is a section for pieces done on recyclable material and in the Book I saw one made entirely of zips, shiny curving flowers, and another of dyed white plastic ties and another of teabags. Sounds scrappy, but they were stunning. It is often not until you look closely you can see what they are made of

 They also have a section called Bizarre Bras, and they look a hoot!! Another hoot is the names of the entries.


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