Friday, August 16, 2013

The last minute catch up

One of the challenges Celia faces when she is home is trying to make sure she catches up with everyone. She doesn't try to sneak in and out of the country,  but usually we end up with an evening similar to last night, when she lets people know where she will be, and they can come if they are able. This time we planned to meet at the Seddon Wines Store.
The word went out and we had a rotation of people up to 20 with at least 10 there at anyone time.
the store is a small narrow shop with 3 benches and stools at the entrance and stools at a bar at the back.
I had been past quite a few times (and bought a bottle of wine) but obviously never on a Friday night.
It was a constant stream of people walking out with boxes or bags of wine.and the tables filling and emptying as we stayed on. At one point someone went up to order a glass of wine and was 10th in a queue!!
A few of the group (at back as well)
Celia holding court
We also ordered a few  ‘Grazing Plates’ consisting of prosciutto, pork and pistachio terrine, goat’s cheese, pickled onions, olives and sourdough. It was all very lovely and we were quite impressed with the portion size compared to the price, and then the pate! a must!
After the last group left a small group went on to Thai on Charles just around the corner for a lovely meal

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