Thursday, August 15, 2013

A great farewell dinner

 What a wonderful farewell for my time at RCH!

 The Department of General Medicine, the team of paediatricians with whom I had been working  over the last seven years, (and in general for the last 29 !) organised a farewell dinner at Sosta Cucina in North Melbourne, handy for them after work.

Mike South, Department head was there, and spoke about my work with them, and it was a warm acknowledgement of my contribution to their care of babies and their families.
 It seems my feeling of my work as doing what I do well, well, is seen as special for them. 
Sarai, Libby and Meredith
The night generally was a high and I left feeling great!!
Julia and Kerry.
Campbell also spoke of my work with the Infant Mental Health team
 It was great to have Celia there as well, who reinforced my impression with some of her own.
 Thanks Celia!!
The beautiful brooch and chain I received
The food and wine was tremendous as well!!

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