Suburban strange

Decided to spend Sunday morning exploring things in the city. Had a good trip from Nth Melbourne station (can park at the door) but puzzled by the escalators (when googling to find a pic of them most of the items were about them being out of order again, not been an issue for me)
The puzzle is that we are a keep to the left nation and the escalator of choice has been on the right and then hence the up also. I keep going to step on and have to quickly back off. Seems to be changed at last.

Anyway arrived at Fed Square to see an Exhibition by Ian Strange  a video photography Exhibition.
The square was chokkas with people in for the Parkinson's Victoria  Walk in the Park. Their motto "Shaken, not stirred" They were coming off the walk but there must have been 1000's of people some for fitness , some for support and like this some for family.
Lots of groups with shirts dedicated to family members. One group had Johns Aunt, John's Brother etc 

 After this I went in to the Ian Potter  Gallery weaving my way past crowds there for the Writers' Festival (not something I've ever been to I must admit) to see Ian Strange's Suburban

A Popped up Bookshop in the courtyard.
 Ian Strange: Suburban was created by New York-based Australian artist Ian Strange. Since 2011 Strange has worked with a film crew and volunteers in Ohio, Detroit, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire to create, photograph and film seven site specific interventions incorporating suburban homes. 
As well as the resulting photograph there was video of the painting process he worked with the Fire brigade  in film or burning a house (seen at back of the crowd) 
Before he went to USA he did street art under moniker Kid Zoom. Interesting interview here.
Must admit I found it fascinating if not necessarily understanding his reasons."to explore the notion of the suburban home and suburban identity as a whole. "
This was a deserted house in process The finished photo was eerie.
Another version of this has just the circle painted black 
My favourite is a whole House painted red.


Celia said…
I like the one with the white circle.