Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We have had a variety of neighbors next door at Aireys as the house is a rental, but for long term occupation.
when I arrived
The latest unfortunately is a junk dealer or scrap metal or whatever you call it, so he has a semi trailer, a small truck and JUNK. The content of the front yard and driveway varies as it comes and goes but it is a mess,as we don't have a fence the line is blurred , but the big tree and the carport is an obvious barrier,. We have had  the block surveyed and there were in-ground pugs as well as a small pole  to mark the gate/ fence edge. This has been knocked over and pegs covered with dirt.
when I left
But the mess this time has me inspired to act. I was taking some snaps to just put on the blog, but the next day he was busy moving stuff and today it is tidy and empty!!!
But a neighbor had called in about the tree on the power line, and he is a fencer. So he is going to give a quote, but have to find the survey pegs first!
I will get the owner to move on it and get the fence done, She thinks the whole of our driveway is hers so the survey will give her a bit of driveway but she has a bit of ours at the upper fence so we need to get it finalized.

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