Local Changes afoot

On top of all the rail works creating havoc on Footscray Roads, they are building apartments above the supermarket; again closing off traffic lanes and parking.
Now they are closing K-mart and Coles , reopening in 2014.
So I availed myself of any sales in Kmart. Got some stationery folders and 2 lovely file boxes. I asked the woman clearing shelves nearby to scan the price as it looked like they were $5. She said I'd have change from 10c. Sure enough they were 5 cents! But the last one.  The red and white folders were $2.

Inspired me to do a bit of tidying of my office area!
So I decided to check out the Sims supermarket up Barkly St in West Footscray.
They have parking opposite and a pedestrian crossing that responds quickly to pedestrian requests, so easy to get out into the traffic flow.
I was talking to the woman on the check out and she said there is also parking at the back. The store had everything I wanted incl a new potato peeler that has disappeared since Mary was here. Maybe she put it somewhere different but still can't find it .
Also a NAB ATM.
Also found another mural on Car park (PO actually ) wall
The risk for Footscray is whether people will go back after finding alternatives. But I guess they will have all those apartment tenants!