Friday, June 14, 2013


Can't believe I forgot little boys like jumping in puddles!!
He had his warm jacket and his hat, but I put his work boots on not Gum boots, and it was even raining and I still didn't twig!
So by the time we got to Play Group and back! He was wet to his knees. Not bothered by it though!
Walking along the path there are posts at the edge of the park and he was walking along talking as he touched each one.
Not counting, as he can count clearly to 20, and it was two words, alternating, but couldn't work out what.
At one point he obviously lost his place, as he stopped, stepped back and once walked back 2 posts, the 2nd time just waved his arm like  re checking, then continued on.  
Just could not catch what he was saying,

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