Friday, May 31, 2013

Virtual Scrap

At a scrap booking day at Gerry's last weekend she told me about a Summer 2013 Virtual Scrap for CM (sort of summer with a balmy day 19 degrees, but rain setting in for the weekend) and a layout challenge posted on Friday night.
Some of the pages people have done are lovely and lots of ideas.
However for my first night I found the layout too fussy and I didn't have the photos needed.
Will be interested to see what people do!
So I went ahead with a rescue scrap I had started.
Rescue as in, while doing some more assessment (not really work) in the bungalow I found a box and when opened, some older photo albums were there. Many photos not worth scrapping or keeping, but a group of older ones of the family seemed worthwhile
A few of Damian, Cherry and Bridie I gave to Bridie and a few I decided to set up in a few pages
Discovered some ones of Tony to treasure!

The first one is a layout suggested but I haven't finished the details (need some more lettering, or at least sort them so i can see what I have !!) Realise I haven't identified Bridie.

The second ones I just did as the mood took me

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