Thursday, May 23, 2013

A New Route

The continuing appalling traffic to get out of Footscray continues On Monday it took me 15 minutes to move from Droop Street to Moore St (about 150m.) So I decided to see how Racecourse Road would be In the past it was slow so I had not considered it before.
So I went along Ballarat Rd. (avoiding the traffic queue turning into said Moore St) and on to Smithfield Rd, and up to Racecourse Rd. Moderately heavy traffic but moving all the time.
I then turned at Stubbs Rd and parked there (No time zones again)
Then walked along Racecourse Rd across Moonee Ponds Creek and onto Flemington Rd where I crossed and walked along the Park
Walking up to the Hospital 
beautiful mature gums 
View from the West. The tram to the zoo runs to the left
I also decided to go in the back way to the Hospital from the Zoo side. There are no fences to the Hospital and so i walked up and came in the north end of the Main street.
A much less stressful start to the day !!
Coming in to the hospital. The green framed windows (L) are ward rooms.

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