Annual Leave

I have been told to take some of my 9 weeks annual leave , but with no cover it is too long for Meredith (or me if she was off ) so I am taking 2 weeks now ( and even have an public holiday in it as well (happened at Easter  when I took 2 weeks , but with Easter only ended up 4 days!)
So I planned to just come down to Aireys and blob.
It was raining all the way down on Sunday (wettest start to winter in 100years ) but cleared up on Monday and again today, with was bright sunshine all day Really lovely walks on the beach with Spencer.
A fly in the ointment was a notice from Powercorp to remove some tree branches that are lying near power lines 
The wire is sitting tight on top of this one 
The wire is under this branch so lopping the branch randomly may cause the wire to bounce up and break 
I could see it from the bedroom window and thought I could manage that SO I started off near the house and with judicious use of a milk crate (we don't have a ladder) and a rope got them, down fairly easily, then I followed the wire to the street and as I moved closer I could see that the puny limbs I had removed they had probably not noticed 
In 3 places the wire is either supporting a branch or has one immediately underneath.
I rang the garden guy I use as the tree lopper I used for the brach on the bed room roof (driving you mad in the wind cost a fortune.David said they couldn't do it with the equipment they have but suggested Snakes and Ladders (Ross the snake guy sorted some Brown snakes last summer. Also had some rude things to say about the Tree guy I had before. 
So Ross is coming tomorrow to have a look  and give me a quote. 
On a positive note (or maybe not) The parrots are having  ball eating the seeds and tossing the blossom from all the gum trees in the area
The white 'snow' here is yellow gum blossom in the side yard. At the end of the street the area is covered in pink flowers