Friday, March 1, 2013

The Malthouse

View to the City from courtyard
 This year I decided to subscribe to some Malthouse Theatre and a few less MTC. I went to the first one last week on a Thursday night. Had a good run into the city and parked almost at the door.
Tables under the tress
I had decided I would go in a bit earlier as I had to collect my tickets from the Box Office and I thought I would have what has become a rare glass of wine.
And the Bar was closed!! Why, I could not fathom nor did they have any reason to offer . So I sat outside in a balmy evening and watched the crowds go by. 
Walls of the Centre for Contemporary Art 
The Play was Hate by Steven Sewell, a powerful play of family dynamics and an incredibly manipulative and appalling father, business mogul and politician. Young girls next to me kept shaking their heads and sighing with each new manipulation and betrayal.
Sounds grim but was entertaining and William Zappa as John Gleason was brilliant. I recognised his face but had to look up where I knew him. He won the Green room award for The Government Inspector and also Death of a Salesman.
A good start to a new experience!  
William Zappa 

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