Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kate's Birthday

My niece Kate turned 14 on Saturday, but Andrew had a work function that night so we celebrated on Sunday. Lynne's parents were also in Tasmania getting back Sunday morning so the delay suited everyone.
I gave Kate some new pink pyjamas and a book Water for Elephants, that she said interested her as she had seen about the film and knew it was about an Elephant as well!  She is a mature reader so should enjoy it.
It was a hot day, as it has been all week so I went down a bit earlier to have a swim, A friend of Andrew's Dave was there with his kids, Kate's friends so they were all playing in the pool, doing gymnastics on the beach or paddling the canoe.
I had a very lovely evening with a meal cooked on the new BBQ set up, Nick cooking the steak for us Very expertly!
The new BBQ area 
Meal on the deck on a balmy evening 

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