Saturday, March 16, 2013

A change

It was a bit cooler on Saturday, and I had been to an Infant Mental Health Scientific meeting in the morning (excellent presentation of a research project intervention for pregnant teenagers ) and was going out in the afternoon so only had a few hours at the Yacht Club.
Well I needn't have worried, as the cold front came through with a roar just as all the boats were heading out to the start. We could see a black cloud moving across the whole horizon, and then heard reports that it had hit Sorrento, and then Altona was reporting 30knots.
So Geoff called abandon Race and boats headed in and made it to the shallows just as the winds hit.
I took a photo of all the boats in the shallows at the one time (they usually come in in dribs and drabs as they finish) and ended up with a photo of the storm clouds as well.
Seconds before the storm, all calm 
So after a while I headed off to the Como theatre to see Great Expectations (not my favourite Dickens, as Carolyn said Pip is a bit of a pip!) but we all enjoyed it.
I remember when we read "David Copperfield as a boy" a small text in 1st form at School that I said to Maddy that " there is this great writer called Charles Dickens had she read any?"  I also won the English prize that term for my essay on a  character in the book; I did it on Barkis. No wonder I love Dickens!
After the Movie (where I ran into Julie and Brigid off to see Haute Cuisine) we went to a Persian restaurant that was very nice!

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Celia said...

Fabulous photo and sounds like a lovely day. Was it Ethnic Dinner?

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