Monday, March 25, 2013

Cleaned up

After weeks of trying to work on days that were too hot to do more than 30minutes work The brief cool spell meant I got the bungalow under control
I employed Liam to put cornice up to stop the dust and leaves coming in, He also stripped the lino out and took away extraneous junk and filled some major cracks
The I started sanding and painting- The latter of a mediocre quality ( definitely a trade skill)
The tasks sounded easily doable, but the lino that had been down for 40 years, had glue in the middle of the room holding the central join. It did not strip off but needed hammer and chisel chipping; (the heat gun just melted it.) Followed by stanley knife scraping. Hard work on the back and in the heat.
The easy part was painting the cement with paving paint.  It went on well with a roller.
But the roller trying to do the ceiling was frustrating I think there must have been a design fault with the roller handle a it kept swivelling around mid push and would fly away to hit the wall (a poor workman blames his tools??)
I had painted some old furniture still cluttering the bungalow, and it looks good but not finished yet.
Had the usual hilarious time moving the futon- They never have anywhere to grip!! But managed it and the bed alone, some stiff back tomorrow I think. May have a recuperative soak in the tub!!
First I had to put it all in one room
The cupboard was the challenge! Neat ceiling and architrave 
The old record cabinet (minus top at that stage)
The lino nightmare!
The strip left right across the middle 
Tools of my trade 
Slowly coming off 
It looks almost done, but those black patches came off with the Stanley knife, and some shaved knuckles ! 
A start of furniture layout 
Detail of the cabinet  
west wall 
Bed and armchair
A new door (still to be painted It has undercoat but was lime green!)
I realise the floor is not really clear so will add a pic!


Celia said...

Wow! It looks fantastic! What hard work and what a brilliant job.
Is it the one room that has been done? I love all the painted furniture. Brilliant idea. Is the fabric under glass on top of the little cupboard?

suepmorris said...

Looks great Mich I can just imagine the hard work that went into doing all that but very rewarding...

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