Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cubby Houses

We all have a love of small spaces as kids. Something about working out where we fit in the world! Or maybe just a hidey hole!
Our playhouse. Up before any garden!
Checking out my domain!
Dylan on the other hand likes to create a warm dark spot.
He has a great circus tent that he lately calls a fort, and loads it with pillows and invites you in to read a book or just lay back! (feet hanging out) 
But he loves the big Continental cushions Bridie has. One in particular is his comfort 'blanket" Too bulky to travel!! But he loves to pull it up to his chin as he sits and reads or watches TV.
Lately he has been building forts with the cushions and a red blanket to go over the lot. Many a frustrating grunt when it collapses! It is a great skill to balance cushions on their sides to make the walls, and often I have not got it quite right!
This Grand Design incorporates the tent to give a second room!

The tent has a little window in the roof that has to be covered as well
Best of both worlds!

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Celia said...

I love love love it all!!!

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