Saturday, March 30, 2013

Japan Tokyo

I am enjoying  a ten day trip to Japan with my nephew Nicholas, a reward for his Japanese study efforts ( with an expectation that he will speak Japanese while he is here !) And Celia has joined us as well.
We are in Tokyo for 3 days and I have been caught out by the cold weatherNot freezing exactly but I have not packed for 12 degrees with cold winds!!  It was nice today 15, and warmer as we go south but the forecast for Takayama ,in The  Hida mountains is 7!!! But we are only here for these day ,but it is to be 16 the next day Seems a bit like Melbourne.
The weather in the last 2  weeks has been very mild, so there has been a record early Cherry Blossom the blossom while there is still plenty is all drifting off so we walk through light rain of blossom.
We went to Ueno Park to see then bloom, but a walk today along eh Castle moat found us n another area that was. A lot of weeping cherry trees that would have been spectacular in the prime ,but still looked good!
Our hotel is handy, comfy and pleasant,and near arrange of food choices so we have been doing well. 

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