Monday, April 1, 2013


It is great to travel in Japan with people who love the food.

Celia and  I of course are committed to Japanese cuisine, and our two travel companions, Nicholsa and Anne- Marie were also keen and game for anything. The surprise to them was how cheap the food is. We average $5 for lunch and lashed out tonight for $20.
Last night we went to dinner with Kazuki's parents ( he stayed with Nick's family while at their school for a week or so) anD we went to his amazing HUGE Sushi train place. There were 6 of us and the meal came to  ¥4800 about $50 aus.

Plates from the Sushi Train
Train bento
We have had Ramen, ( noodles in soup with pork and Vegas) Tonkatsu, c(rumbed pork cutlet with side dishes of rice miso sop and salad), ebi tendon, (Prawns on rice), tempura, and  a western French meal ( most expensive) sitting in a room with cherry blossom in flower and petals drifting down. A sort of upmarket Hanami. ( cherry blossom viewing party)
Our 'Beef Set"  
Tonight we had Hida beef in Takayama. Not a lot of beef but enough food to feel full, and it was $20 each incl drinks.Nick has enjoyed the meals and seems to be getting enough to eat.
We have a western, a La Japonais, breakfast called Morning service. A choice of set A, B or C about $5 incl coffee.

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