Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today I decided to do some gardening planting some veges I bought on the way back from the yacht Club last week.
When I got back from Spain and France I got sick the day I got home so have had limited opportunity to attack the garden.
The first order of business was to water the plants especially after the heat yesterday. Glad I was not in Adelaide 45 degrees
The wind and heat has dried off the Pom Pom tree flowers and they are in drifts everywhere. The downside of the beauty of December

But one day I did pull up the finished Sweet Peas that had looked magnificent (sorry no Pic) and saved the seeds. So I cleared that area to plant some snow peas, that feature high in my cooking Salads, stir fry,  steamed asian greens etc.

The other dayI also removed the remains of the stump of the Grevillea Robusta, chopped down 15-20 years ago. It was now crumbled like cork and came out easily.
I also tip pruned my tomatoes that have thrived  and are now ready to start picking

And I planted a Gaura for beauty !
After all this I had a serious NAP!!

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Celia said...

Not surprised really that the nap was needed given your current state of health. You have done heaps. Like the description of the "drifts" of pom pom litter.

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