Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Memory Book

I spent a pleasurable few hours this morning assembling a book of my letters to Maddy from Japan in 2008. She had kept them all with dates listed!
Pleasurable but also frustrating.
What could have taken half the time was extended as I printed things upside down, printed over an already printed text, had it too close to the margin, used the wrong paper, printed the same page back to back, lost a page entirely, (turned out to be under the print paper pile) did a page back to back to realise I had already done one of the pages.....etc
Cursing at intervals and stopping for a calming cup of tea!
I had various forms of letters to get together. Hand written ones before I got a printer: so those were photocopied, I added some pictures from admission tickets on the small pages etc.

Then those that were done on the computer and printed with pictures already on them, (as in the style Celia had done) I added some A4 Exhibition flyers, that I had collected during my stay,

A plastic document file. These were available at all exhibitions as a souvenir
Much more practical than a post card
and designed a cover (guess where the picture is copied from) and an explanatory introduction and end page.

But in the end I got it done and then took it to Office Works to get bound. The girl there was really helpful (no-one else waiting) as we worked out which binding would fit best with the margins.

I am really pleased with the result.

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Celia said...

Wow!!! When you get an idea about something you get it done! Got your letter the other day saying you thought about this and blow me down it's done.
Looks fabulous and a great idea. Can't wait to see it.

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