Sunday, November 18, 2012

Highlights of Barcelona 2. Miro

One of the places recommended to me was the Museum of artist Joan Moro.

The Fundació Joan Miró is a foundation, which operates in Barcelona in the museum on the mountain Montjuic. From the terrace of the museum you have a wonderful view over the 
sea of houses of the city 

We used the Hop of Hop Off bus to get there so had a great tour of the city en route.
Miro was a Catalonian artist, one of the most important representatives of surrealism.
As an architect, Joan Miró engaged  a friend of his Lluis Sert. who built the famous Spanish Pavilion at the World Exhibition in Paris in which the painting "Guernica" by Picasso was displayed . He built the Fundació in a Mediterranean style, and laid emphasis on natural light from the sun in the exhibition rooms.
This sculpture in the city is in 4 photos of mine, all obscured by trees or lamp post etc as the bust went by. So resorted to an online one 


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