Saturday, November 17, 2012

Highlights of Barcelona 1.The Apartment

On November 16th I flew out to Barcelona to join Celia, Sue Morris and Bernadette and Sue's friend Deb to celebrate Celia and Sue's 60th birthdays.
Sue had chosen Barcelona and Celia, Nyons in France.
I had been to Barcelona when I backpacked in Europe in 1974, but I must have ended up in the Dandenong of Barcelona because I remember it as boring and nothing of interest.  Heaven knows where I was!
But ( as everyone says) it is FABULOUS!!
We stayed in the Gothic area of old buildings and narrow lanes leading to La Rambla near the cathedral. The apartment was huge, known to Celia before, and my taxi dropped me at the end of  a lane and said it was down there and to the right. 
Sure enough as I turned from the lane into a square Celia et al were sitting having coffee waiting for me. I would never have found the apartment otherwise, though in retrospect it is above Taller Tapas restaurant (where we ate several times) so not impossible to find  

Sue and Bernadette planning our day 
The door to our apartment on far R. The weather was mild.
The kitchen. there were 5 bedrooms
The Market in the square 

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