Sunday, October 16, 2011

The slave

I am sure someone must have said that he who starts a garden is a slave for life! 
The garden looks good but looks can be deceptive. 

The intruder of past years was the wandering jew (Tradescantia albiflora Why the Tradescants gave their name to this pest!) that I have managed to eradicate over the years. Then a few years ago this new weed that I call @#X*@. 
I think it is something called Chenopodiaceae and is a  herb called Fat Hen!   
The Fat Hen
It is spread by seed and unfortunately while I have been laid up it has been raining and everything is thriving including this little Fat Hen. Combined with Spencer traveling underneath he spreads the seeds on his coat.
It grows along the side path as well coming under fence from next door. I heard him say yesterday that he'd sprayed that so why was it still there? Maybe because I throw the ones I pull up over the fence sometimes!! Bodes ill for my spray plans!!
The lush look of the garden is deceptive as most of it is this blasted weed. So feeling a bit more active I attacked the garden.
Had a short break when it rained but stopped when the green bin was full of weed!
Amazing what appeared with the removal of the wall of weed
View to fence and Borage struggling in the forest.
Dainty Bess was there with some blooms
The same bit of fence and Dainty Bess
Dainty Bess (bought for memory of Maddy's Aunty Bess)

The choked rose and Sage
Room to breathe and the path visible
The mass of plant over the path was mint, and more Pineapple sage became apparent Bottom L of above pic.)
Also planted the Fuschia (a pink one not a Fuschia one Celia! ) next to the nectarine

The pole apples are in bloom as well and look great 


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Josephine said...

Got back on thursday and my you have been very busy. Love the Kitchen. Hope you are feeling better.

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