Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have started using public transport for any trips into the city in the evening of late, and find I can be in or home in 15-20  minutes often far quicker than peak hour traffic.
I know there are lots of complaints for peak hour commuters, but I drive to North Melbourne, (more train lines change there, so more frequent choices) and can park at the door.
The longest I have had to wait is 8 minutes Av. 1-4mins, and on return max was 9 minutes av 4-5. Trip city to North Melbourne is 10 minutes
Last night I was part of the VicFEAT at the Royal Australasian College of Paediatricians in st Kilda Rd.
The topic was feeding problems and they had 72 sites logged in to the teleconference from around the country. It went over very well and was really great.
It is just past Toorak Rd so I caught the tram.
Flinders St Station ; about to have an upgrade
On the trip back I had to wait for 6 minutes for a tram (well under the 9 minute maximum!) and I sat in the tram shelter to read my Kobo. I'm reading  "The Address Book" by Jane Clifton and was having a laugh as she described how she stayed awake a lot at the house in Cardiff as she had read a Conan Doyle story of a woman being killed by the villain letting a spider into the room via an air vent and it pierced her eyeball, the venom making her go mad and hang herself and the villain inherited her money! (Jane did question how one lies there asleep with one's eyes open. Jane was 11 at the time!)
Anyway the tram arrived and I walked out on to the tram stop and got on a mod filled tram. Sat down opposite a man, who was staring into space, opposite were 3 girls all texting and behind me 4 women talking about work.
Here is how to initiate interaction with tram passengers!
I settled to read the KOBO again and felt something on my hand, looked down and there was a mod size huntsman!
I may have squawked but I flicked my hand and flicked the spider onto the man opposite, who seemed to sense something and looked down to where it had landed on his shirt's short sleeve.
I said "Sorry, a huntsman!' ALL the women heard! He flicked it off and it landed on the empty seat beside him, and he looked a bit helpless with nothing in his hand.
I said "Do you want a shoe?" so I took off my shoe (summer weather, so slip ons) and ignoring all thoughts of Karma hit it 3-4 times and flicked it to the floor.
The women were all up and saying "Did you get it, is it gone?"
The guys said "Yes , She saved my life!"
Applause all round and we settled back!

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