Friday, October 21, 2011

Lights, Action

I was going to contact the local business Loveluvo to get a handyman to do the last minute carpentry of the kitchen, when Michelle mentioned that her brother Liam ( a final year carpenter's apprentice) had not been paid for the last 4weeks as his boss had got into a legal wrangle with a building he was doing and the owners were not paying.
So I emailed Fran to ask if perhaps he would like some work. The boss has signed off on his apprenticeship so that is good and he has a job interview next week. He has been relying on money from the riding education he does. He leaped at the chance and came down last night to work today.
I am also getting him to renail the back deck as the boards are all loose. He said the wood is fine it just needs new decking screws (they have a twist in them ...pays to watch / read Better Homes & Gardens!) He will also fix the latch on the gate.
He has a show jumping tomorrow so will be back next week to do these extras.
But I asked him to take out the exhaust fan, replace the ceiling boards where the fan was, and do the window architrave.
He looked at the variety of architraves around the house (5 different sorts!) but I said I just wanted it simple like the doors of the hall and our rooms.
And could he put in two down lights using the power from the fan. His mate Tad is an electrician, but Liam had done it before but if he came across a problem he would be able to check with Tad.
He returned the boards I had bought (I got 3 pieces 1.2 mt instead of 2.1 mts in my illness daze!)  and I gave him cash for the lights etc
I left for my private practice about 930 but didn't get home till 6pm, and was blown away! It is GREAT!
The Fan gone, boards replaced  and a new downlight
Note the upper board!! and well lit sink
And light when we eat!!!

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