Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Royal Visit

It was a weird feeling day at work today with the Queen arriving to open the New Hospital (not actually open until Nov 30th) with staff all dressed up and absent!
our view over the front entrance
The medical staff in Mike's Dept who were not invited had a sweep as to what colour she would be wearing! Michale Marks won with his choice of hot pink.
The female RMOs all wore small tiaras and looked suitable impressive to all the patients!
Her black car arriving ! My view of the Queen!
I went up at 1120 after I had seen a patient, to the Care by Parent unit that overlooks the front entrance and we had front row seats, with one of my patients and his mother who are in the Unit.
But all I saw was the car arrive and her in pink dimly seen!! and then went to a meeting with the aforesaid RMO's.
Her pink dress. The white haired woman is Dame Elizabeth Murdoch (101 and in a wheelchair now)
The crowds at Fed Square
School kids out in force! Many dressed as Princesses!
Today Mike also showed me where I will have my workstation (goodbye office, hello company!) in a group of 4 with Lionel Lubitz, Tom Connell and  Nigel Crawford, all of whom I work with regularly. It will be interesting to see how we work in the 'public' eye.

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