Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Angels & Demons

The Angels Demons statues were outside the Art Centre as well as the town hall for the Melbourne Festival
Displaying bat wings, reptilian tales and innocent charming faces reticent of Botticelli cherubs, the works evoke mixed feelings of warmth, affection and disgust. It’s up to the viewer I think to decide on whether these works classify as cute or something a bit more sinister.

Angels-Demons. Parade is the handiwork of subversive Russian art collective AES+F, an outfit known for their irreverent hybrid works incorporating a broad spectrum of imagery. 
They are sexless and innocent or not depending on your view. The shiny black, works as a reflective surface so you see yourself in them. That may affect your  perception!

From AES+F website
First Rider (2007)
Angels-Demons. Parade* (2009)
3D Modeling – Roman Ivanyuchenko
Alain de Lille was a mystic and a commentator on the Apocalypse. Here is our version of Apocalypse.
We present an apocalyptic parade, which does not constitute the end of the old world. It's the beginning of a new one. The Angels-Demons are infants.
They are all new born and, like embryos, all have tails – long or short, sometimes just pushing through their nappies. All have wings, also of varying sizes. The clear difference between angels and demons, which is common to all cultures, does not exist here. Evil may look like good and vice versa.
They resemble twins – every angel has an identical brother. Or sister. We can't tell which gender as they're at the age when human infants have a strong outward resemblance to each other and are impossible to tell apart. They have the faces of peoples who never settled in Europe but towards whom Europe strived.
Both works (The First Rider and Angels-Demons) are parts of one idea. The First Rider is our vision of Virgin on the Beast. The premiere of The First Rider took place in the State Russian Museum, St-Petersburg in 2007, and then it was shown in MACRO, Rome, Ruzicska Gallery, Salzburg (2008), and Lille, France (2009). The premiere of Angels-Demons was in Lille, France during festival «lille3000» in 2009.

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