Friday, October 7, 2011

Seddon shop

I am saving the last photos of the Kitchen until the tiling is done on Wednesday. If I waited till the painting was done it may be years!! But I do have a plan to use the services of a local business called LoveLuvo.
Shop sign
Luvo is both a retail store and manufacturing business committed to providing employment opportunities to people with a mental disability.
They stock products from small businesses as well as employ staff to do packaging, creating bags etc They sell bulk laundry and kitchen products and refill shampoo etc  
Good products that I have been using in the last 12 months. Been the source  of most gifts lately!
On Friday they had  a VIP night with a glass of wine  nibbles and sale of 20% off shop stock and 50% off stock in the back.
Don't how VIP we were as there seemed to be half of Seddon population there! A pleasant hour.
All the chat was the new supermarket / grocer opening next door next month

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