Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Had a bit of  a lie in as the two guys today didn't arrive till after 8. We stood around looking at the hole in the floor. The boards run towards the window they have just been cut off at the edge of the bearer! But they are going to use some chip board from the old cupboards to cover it.
I got Spencer outside with a bone as they arrived, so he has just been sulking at the back door as I sit in my red chair. Barking as anyone new arrives.
One of the guys is about 6.2 and has hit his head on the kitchen door jamb three times. They guys think it's a great joke that he hasn't learnt to duck after the 2nd time! I know it is lower than normal but not had anyone affected before. Maybe Andrew always ducks!
The stove is sticking out till the power is done

the lower shelf is for the microwave
Pot drawers and wine rack
 At 230 the installation guys have just left and they are checking if the plumber and electrician can get back today. They are currently in Avondale Heights and need to install the dishwasher and attache the power for the stove and microwave.
If they can't it will have to be Friday as I am off at 645am tomorrow and not back till 8pm +.
But you can see the way it will be. Just realised I haven't got the sink there but will add a pic when I have the dishwasher as well
Will not start replacing things till Friday.  Still quite tired after little effort!
The tiler will be here next week and of course then there is painting!

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Celia said...

Keep looking at the photos and eager to see the dishwasher and the tiling etc
You have done a splendid job!

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