Monday, October 3, 2011

A new kitchen Stage 1.

First day back at work I was wiped out by 130, but had to hang around till 4pm for a DHS client in Outpatients. So arrived home a little jaded to have to finish the kitchen. Luckily I had been doing  a lot over the last few weeks  
While Celia was home we decided to get a new kitchen put in as our old one, with our pridefully built bench, was past its time.
So over the last 8 weeks I have been buying and selecting things we need. We are getting a dishwasher, my first ever! We decided on the two drawer Fisher & Paykel, and shopping around and with Clive Peters merging with Harvey Norman I got a good deal. 
I also found you can buy taps for $500 but I went for the $129 version. Similarly you can pay over $1000 for  a sink!! Needless to say I chose a 1.5 sink at a more modest price. 
The tiles I bought in the middle of my two weeks of illness just before I went downhill again, so I hope they are fine. 
I remember a friend of Celia's, Robyn saying she had gone to buy a tin of paint for doing a mirror surround,  She had a migraine and when she got home she realized she had paid $95 for a tiny can!
 I have spent the last week sorting and moving stuff from the kitchen ( and lots of stuff in the garbage as well as the Op Shop)
It now is on every available surface .
The pine wall will go, and there will be tiles along this wall and under the window.
The bench Celia and I built
There will be  a Canopy above the stove, and a section of tiling under that to the stove.
The cupboards are bare and it feels a little sad to be destroying the work I/we have done on the kitchen over the years.I can't get the table out because of the angle of the fridge and the door so will get them to try tomorrow when they move things.

Well 7am they will be here to start removal, and the installation on Wednesday. I have Book Club Tues night so can dine out then. 
Then moving it all back, But with new drawers etc that should be fun

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